Ikea is lowering these curtains to compete with Leroy Merlin’s bestsellers

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ikea It has started irresistible winter discounts by putting a product on sale that it wants to compete with. Leroy Merlin. about some blackout curtains not only does it not let even the slightest light in, it also keeps the heat inside the room by not letting in the cold from outside. This irresistible product can be found in any of its stores in Spain, in the multinational Sweden.

We say that the competition is valid, as Leroy Merlin, a French company specializing in DIY, decoration and gardening, put some products on sale a few days ago. opaque blindsPerfect if you don’t have blinds in your home that protect from the cold and don’t let the light in. The products are very similar, but we’ll break down the differences below.

Ikea blackout curtains

ikeawhat’s this? world leader in furniture sales, does not want to lose this position in the industry, therefore heart attack price The trend article that Leroy Merlin wants to compete with.


The Swedish company took out blackout curtains instead of the store. BENGTA lineAs with the competition, it will completely prevent the entry of light and allow the consumer to rest without any discomfort. wake up with light.

These curtains done with recycled materials, used for them 40 bottles 0.5L recycled PET. In this way, they were able to turn the waste into beautiful curtains for the home, which not only prevent the light from getting in, but also contributes to the environment. This is shown as a point in favor of curtains. ikeabecause the consumer is currently demanding more and more products that help care for the planet.

when it comes quantitycurtain ikea It has large dimensions as it is 210 cm wide and 300 cm tall. However, fit any window simply by cutting, without the need to sew or finish an edge, because laminated fabric does not wear out.

Ikea Blackout Curtain

As for its design, it has a smooth and pleasant light blue, It fits perfectly in many rooms such as living room, bedroom or office. In addition, thanks to the hidden loops on the top, it can be placed either with hooks or by placing the curtain directly on a rod. Something that makes curtains very comfortable.

ikea blinds

As for the price, Ikea has put these BENGTA blackout curtains for sale and you can only use them. 15 euros, a very economical and irresistible price for the consumer. That’s right, with these Ikea curtains savings of almost 47 eurosConsidering the price of the Leroy Merlin article.

Leroy Merlin’s blackout blind

opaque shutters Leroy Merlin the aforementioned, moon model, and made of an opaque fabric does not let the light through the rooms you want to protect. A great builder to place in bedrooms for this function.

Leroy Merlin Opaque Blind

On the other hand, with certainty smooth finish It is also an article. decoration element For different rooms of the house that will add a simple yet elegant touch, enhance the aesthetics of each and not go unnoticed. This model has a few more advantages due to its opacity, because with it intimacy of homeprovides and also energy-savingby not letting the cold and heat pass, both in summer and in winter.

the price of this roller blind from Leroy Merlin €61,99 In the smallest sizes, it increases its price depending on its size. But Ikea is now competing with the French store and offering a very similar product for sale, but in the form of curtains and at a much lower price, something irresistible to the consumer.

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