How Victor Wembanyama could disrupt the NBA season

How Victor Wembanyama could disrupt the NBA season

The frenzy around Victor Wembanyama has reached insane heights after the Metropolitans 92’s two meetings in the United States this week. At the start of a new NBA season, everything points to many teams embarking on a “race to the bottom” to try to change their fate in the next draft.

It could have a huge impact on the standings of the next NBA regular season before it sets foot on the Big League’s arenas. The hypothesis may seem ridiculous and even absurd, but the most prestigious basketball championship in the world is a separate universe, where the race for last places can sometimes be followed with more passion than the race for the top.

NBA fans are used to it. one at a time possibility Recruiters panic, the start of the season comes alive with the same question: Which team will have the worst record and, in addition, will be in the best position to win the first pick of the draft? this race tanking – deliberately losing to have the best chance of getting a promising player – has battled for some time in the highest circles of the NBA, specifically a new lottery system (see below). But a young 18-year-old who has been incubated by French basketball for years is in the process of undermining NBA boss Adam Silver’s plans to stay competitive in the championship.

“Last night feels like it’s going to start a race to the bottom like we’ve never seen it before”

The hype around Victor Wembanyama, who was already huge prior to this voyage across the Atlantic, has risen to insane proportions after the Metropolitans 92’s two games near Vegas this week against G-League Ignite, a selection largely made up of promising young players. reached. The tricolor phenomenon, which has been described as a possible No. 1 in the upcoming June NBA draft for months, put up two XXL performances with an average of 36.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.5 blocks in two games. American observers thus had the opportunity to see the Frenchman’s unique talent, a physical phenomenon (approximately 2.20m), endowed with technical fluidity and mobility never seen before for a player of his stature.

“Victor distorts the reality of basketball, an NBA team’s general manager dropped on ESPN on Wednesday after Wembanyama’s first show. His tanking strategy will really change after this show. It looks like he’s going to start a race to the bottom last night like we’ve never seen before.”

This famous “race to the bottom” has been somewhat abandoned in recent seasons. Before 2019 and the lottery reform, the worst record of the season was 25% chance of winning the first draft pick, 19.9% ​​in the second pick, and 15.6% in the third pick. With the new system, the worst three records have “only” a 14% chance of winning a timpani.

Zion Williamson jurisprudence?

Adam Silver’s reform to find losers also proved itself. In 2019, the first pick for Zion Williamson, perceived as the most anticipated prospect in the NBA since LeBron James, went to the “only” 8th-worst-ranked New Orleans Pelicans. league. With 17 wins in 65 losses and the last place in the NBA, the New York Knicks had done everything they could to meet the first pick of the draft. But fate had decided otherwise, giving them the third option.

Considering this uncertainty, it might seem pointless to screw up an entire season just to finally have a 14% chance of signing up for “Wemby,” as the Americans have already called him. For most young candidates, the game is definitely not worth the candle. But Wembanyama is one of those who can change the fate of a franchise, a generational talent that will reign in the NBA if he follows physics. And the recent statements by the main actors of the Major League are enough to understand the expected impact of the player raised in Nanterre.

Most anticipated player since LeBron James?

“He’s a 2m20 Kevin Durant battling shots and not even reaching his potential. The most anticipated and publicized player since LeBron,” fires a GM with ESPN. Kevin Durant and LeBron James, two of the best players in the world today, rightly called the little Frenchman. “This kind of talent and skill makes you smile if you’re playing basketball because the evolution of the game has gone too far. It’s going to really get the league in trouble when it arrives.” ‘KD’ he said. , very quiet at normal times. “We’ve all been presented as ‘unicorns’ in recent years, but he’s more of an alien. No one, including me, has ever seen someone as tall as him on the court so fluid and graceful.” LeBron James.

Like Tim Duncan with the Spurs in 1997 or LeBron James with the Cavaliers in 2003, Wembanyama may therefore be one of the #1 drafts that forever changed the face of the team that drafted them. Spurs, Rockets, Thunder, Jazz, Pacers… At the dawn of this new NBA season kicking off on the night of October 18-19, all these franchises in the rebuilding process will definitely give themselves ways to turn a new page in their story. . Perhaps one of the most exciting for many.

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