FIFA 23: EA Sports signals the final whistle of a stage with an innovative presentation

FIFA 23: EA Sports signals the final whistle of a stage with an innovative presentation

Launch of FIFA 23 for EA Sports isn’t just a routine this will be repeated next year, as those of us who consume the franchise are accustomed to. This is actually the 30th annual installment of football simulators The last thing the developer will be interested in is going to continue making EA Sports FC without FIFA cooperation later on.

It shows that they want to say goodbye in a big way, because They brought us a football game that stands out with its innovations as well as the solid experience it offers.. It’s said to be “the same game every year,” but for FIFA 23, its creators were encouraged to change aspects we’re used to, because Experiment to give us the best sports game on the market.

I always thought the game was the foundation of every chapter of this saga and FIFA 23 is a glorious victory in this chapter.. I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to the gameplay that was initially introduced. HyperMotion2motion capture technology Unique and realistic animations for each player.

But over time, I came to see that this is perhaps the most realistic and complex FIFA. It’s no longer enough to just run forward and pass the passes, it’s definitely something that will kick most of the community. In return, Making good passing decisions, making the right dribbles to pass the defense, and finishing at the right time is encouraged.

And such games are not only encouraged, but rewarded, because in online matches we will realize that we have an advantage over those who try to play the more arcade style that characterized previous FIFA games. As for the innovations in the game, the thing I highlight most is the inclusion of the three-toe kick and the shoe.two new options to describe it as well as being aesthetically perfect, They expand the opportunities we have to score goals.

EA Sports never ceases to seek excellence in how they represent football in video games, and we can see that more than anything else in FIFA 23. set pieces. shoot now free throw does not give us a round lattice and corners don’t give us an aerial view of the action, rather both systems have a line that follows the trajectory of the ball in the first few metersbesides, we can choose which side to hit to give effect. Penalties are also getting rid of crosshairs and are now more realistic than ever.

This search for realism is also carried over to visuality.The first thing to notice here is how good the grass looks on every field we have to play. EA Sports continues to pamper us with its photorealism It’s impressive even when it comes to representing some players and seeing how their expressions subtly change by zooming in on the replays. The graphics part is of premium quality, working with new animations to achieve even more immersion.

of course The in-game and on-pitch setup would not be complete without the audio section, and this once again fits solidly., recreating the atmosphere of a stadium with the sound effect of every shout of the fans and when he hits the ball. It is also fulfilled again with an excellent soundtrack. Trueno pampers us Spanish speakers by bringing some of the best songs from Rosalía and Bad Bunny.

Another part where the developer is not afraid to innovate is final teamespecially chemical. They changed the system that worked years ago and brought a new one.While this may seem unnecessarily complicated at first, allows you to create more diverse and interesting templates. A breath of fresh air for the modAlthough it did not lose its popularity, it was in danger of stagnating without major improvements in its functioning.

The prevalence of both the new chemistry system and the new playstyles It shook up the Ultimate Team meta in a way that I found very entertainingplayers have to adapt to this new way of enjoying FIFA day in and day out. I see this as a positive thing and congratulate it for becoming an increasingly elitist mod., and this removes some of the barriers to entry. Now, EA please, can we get off the contracts for once?

Apart from Ultimate Team, which once again looks set to become the staple FIFA 23 experience of the year, EA Sports has also been successful in its additions to other modes. Career Mode now features Ted Lasso and AFC Richmondpaying homage to popular TV series in a way that suits the game; duration Pro and VOLTA clubs now combine experience points so we can create an avatar and enhance and customize it as much as possible.

If I have to mark one negative, it is that some in-game interactions need polishing.and it’s not uncommon to encounter a bug or connection issue from time to time. Another unexplained decision to not include crossplay in Pro Clubs, perhaps the mod that will benefit the most from this. Still, having this feature in the rest of the game is a big plus.

EA Sports bids farewell to 30 years of this iconic franchise with the most robust and realistic FIFA ever. They built on the foundation of previous installments to bring us a game that encourages and rewards a variety of play stylesand they were not afraid Innovate on and off the fieldwith welcome game additions and major changes to Ultimate Team. I can’t wait to see what awaits us with the release of the first EA Sports FC.

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