Electricity bonus: Here’s how you can save big with Total and Engie

Prime électricité

The government wants to reduce energy consumption by 10%. deal with risks of famine and power outages. To this end, the manager will set up electricity and other bonuses with the participation of energy giants. devices.

Electricity bonus this winter

EDF announces Engie or TotalEnergies launch of various devices bonuses, discounts and challenges. This is for their most frugal customers. It was the manager who advised them to take these measures to deal with the problems. energy crisis.

Indeed, this winter, the French are likely to experience a famine and blackouts. Therefore, the intention of the government reduce energy consumption by 10%. It saves energy when you significantly reduce your consumption.

As a reminder, according to forecasts, the energy price It will increase by 15% in February 2023. That’s why the government wants to set up an electricity bonus this winter. In addition, suppliers have already made their bids.

As part of the operation “My engie bonus”, Engie will present daily challenges. As for TotalEnergies, it turns out depending on your situation. decrease in consumption, a scale of gradual decrease.

This winter, consumers can get: Premium up to 120 Euro. With its Tempo offer, EDF allows you to benefit from advantageous prices 343 days a year according to a very special calendar. A calendar that requires precise organization.

Total premium

Dev Total announced via CEO Patrick Pouyanné start of operation “Consumer bonus”. They will launch the operation from November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. How does this Total Electricity bonus work?

Will make a total comparison your consumption data. These are those between November 2021 and March 2022 and those between November 2022 and March 2023. They will apply later. a progressive scale.

With consumption decreased by 5%You will have a 30 euro bonus. From 6% to 36 euros, and for a 20% discount it can go up to 120 euros. This will act as a ceiling. You will receive the bonus with a discount on your bill in April 2023.

If you have an electricity contract and have a Linky meter, you are eligible for this bonus. Your electricity contract must be valid from November 2021. 3 million households in total. A 5% reduction in the annual 1,000 Euro bill will save 50 Euros. Then you will have a 30 Euro bonus.

My Engie bonus

Engie, on the other hand, will offer its customers the opportunity to participate. small daily challenges. With these difficulties, reduce electricity consumption Compared to the forecast for October 2022 to April 2023. “My engie bonus”.

Engie will warn homes in case of high electrical voltage. Thus, they will be able to join a struggle to reduce it. their daily consumption, compared to traditional consumption. The second is calculated from data from the last three weeks.

If you complete a challenge, you will see a bonus in your private space enji. You will receive the total amount collected at the end of winter. This payment will be made by automatic money order or check letter.

If you want to be part of the system, you must report to Engie. The supplier will access later your daily electricity consumption data. Also, if you are dealing with these daily challenges, you should declare yourself. Always with Engie.

EDF’s Tempo offer

EDF already has a Tempo offer. This option allows you to benefit from an advantageous electricity price. 343 days a year. In addition, you can significantly reduce your electricity consumption for 22 days during the peak winter consumption periods.

The Tempo offer represents 600,000 subscribers. How this offer works is explained below. You buy kWh from: 12.72 Euros in 300 days, very cheap. These 300 days are blue days. Price is always advantageous for 43 days.

For example, you can tell from the electricity price during peak hours. 10% savings. These are the white days. On the other hand, electricity is much more expensive during the coldest 22 days of the year. This is what EDF states on their website. These 22 days are red days.

All customers with a regulated sales tariff agreement with a minimum power of 9 kVA can access the offer. You can also do it if you subscribe to this agreement.

Note that this option requires very meticulous organization. It is best to adapt your schedule to postpone most of your electricity consumption during Tempo red days.

energy sobriety

government this Thursday. an energy sober plan reduce fuel consumption by 10%. A few ministers managed to give details of this plan.

Emmanuel Macron talked to entrepreneurs. In addition, the President will intervene next wednesday france 2. The government brought up this tension strategy every day. And that’s more than a month.

Frankly, since the president decided “end of abundance” end of August. Energy sobriety is the plan that announces we’re in trouble. The government plans to follow long-term application with this energy sobriety.

As proof, the government will turn to the French each week to convey the evolution of the French. our gas consumption and D’electric. As a reminder, Jean Castex, Olivier Véran and Jérôme Salomon did the same during the pandemic.

They regularly presented the French with curves and figures on the number of contaminations or hospitalizations. Here we are at war again in the face of the energy crisis. Indeed, the risk of famine is real, so this is strategy real politics.

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