Does this image represent the official ‘moral’ bans of the World Cup in Qatar? – Liberation

Does this image represent the official 'moral' bans of the World Cup in Qatar?  – Liberation

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, a controversial worldcase

A massively shared image was released as an official press release explaining the bans that must be followed during the football world cup. But the press release does not come from an official institution and showcases outdated rules, according to the organizers.

The image in question resembles the salute of the country hosting the much-criticized Men’s World Cup in Qatar. In English and Arabic, “Qatar welcomes you!“before you specify”Refrain from these behaviors and reflect your respect for the religion and culture of the Qatari people.“. The list of prohibitions in the form of pictograms is long:drinking alcohol”, “homosexuality”», «immorality», «swear», «disrespect for places of worship», «loud music and sounds», «appearing on the street as a couple” and finally “taking pictures of people without permission“.

The photo was shared on French-speaking social networks (either in subtext or explicitly) to criticize what would be the image of the official instructions issued by Qatar. Among other things, it was handled by several personalities from the French identity scene. Damien Rieu Where Jerome Riviera. The image was also shared massively with the hashtag.اظهر_احترامك», «show your respect» in French. This time it is a call quoted by mostly Arabic-speaking accounts, calling for respect for Qatar’s laws and customs.

This poster actually addresses the prohibitions imposed by very conservative emirate laws. prohibits homosexualityWhere Alcohol consumption. But other recommendations seem to contradict the International Football Federation’s latest statements in June, which gave CheckNews a guarantee.The prohibition of sexual intercourse outside of marriage should not be among the prohibitions of the world.

In fact, the list of rules is not an official communication. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Qatar organizing committee of the competition. Reuters : “The ‘Qatar Welcomes You’ graphic circulating on social media is not taken from an official source and contains truly false information.“. The same source adds: “We strongly encourage fans and visitors to rely only on official organizers’ sources for World Cup travel advice. […] World Cup Delivery and Heritage High Committee […] and Fifa will soon release a comprehensive guide for fans who dispute most of the information released.

Still, according to the British press agency, the document Released on October 1Respect by the collective, a Qatari nationals group founded in 2014. The Twitter account reveals an openly conservative group that has campaigned for years to “protect” Qatar’s cultural values ​​from Qatari influence, long before the World Cup. there may be some tourists or foreigners. Different visuals in English and even French explain how to dress or behave. Mainly by wearing a “modest” outfit that hides the shoulders and part of the legs, or by wearing certain types of swimsuits.

Sometimes the group goes beyond recommendations with more political posts. Like this post transphobia Where this is directed at Emmanuel Macronsecond, when he defended his right to caricature the Muslim prophet Muhammad in 2020. A trigger statement Multiple calls for boycotts against France in the Middle EastShow your respect for the message conveyed by here.

His message cannot be accepted as a message from the Qatari authorities, as the Citizens group is not an official addressee. Can we say that showing respect is foreign to him? Not exactly. Yapı explains on its website that its mission is to “carry out voluntary activities and studies in line with the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports”.

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