Benefits of green tea smoothie with oatmeal for weight loss

Batido de té verde con avena

One of the main benefits green tea smoothie with oatmeal Its ability to help burn body weed is exactly that. It is a useful food for those who want to lose weight because it contains bioactive elements such as caffeine, polyphenols Y catechins They act to speed up metabolism. But they also have other nutrients. soluble fiber It controls intestinal transit as well as reducing the chances of suffering from diseases such as constipation. And of course… it’s a good-faced It doesn’t require fruit or milk to raise its properties and optimize its flavor, as oatmeal and green tea are enough to produce a truly revealing result.

It’s basically a cheap and easy-to-make drink, so you can try one at home. If you follow the recipe exactly, you will get a great result, just like watermelon and apple smoothie, Here we teach you whose procedure. Best of all, you can start your smoothie thanks to the ingredients you can easily obtain. Moreover, it does not require a rigorous process to obtain the optimum smoothie in a short time, which will bring great benefits to your body after consumption.

Why should you drink green tea with oatmeal often?

Before we tell you how you can prepare a green tea smoothie with oatmeal, it is important to know what benefits this smoothie can offer you. Likewise, consider:

How to make a green tea oatmeal smoothie

  • Oatmeal is an important food source. Omega 3 Y linoleic, facilitates the reduction of triglycerides. But in addition to that, it allows the body to increase good cholesterol levels.
  • Green tea is valued all over the world due to its high content. antioxidants. Thanks to them, the chances of suffering from certain types of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer will decrease.
  • This green tea with oatmeal is essential for boosting energy levels. You can take it in the morning to start the day like a true champion, but you can also consume it in the afternoon to relax after a tiring day.
  • Another benefit of this smoothie is that it prevents diseases such as flu or infection. Is this smoothie rich? vitamins and minerals this supports your defense. It is also important for its microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body.

This way you can make a green tea smoothie with oatmeal.

Now that you know the importance of making and consuming such a smoothie, we will teach you how to prepare it in simple steps and in the shortest possible time. This way you will also be able to get a drink that prevents. premature aging of cells, improving the health of teeth Y It keeps the central nervous system intact.


  • 2 bags of green tea
  • 1 cup of oat flakes
  • 3 glasses of water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 small tablespoon of honey

preparation mode

  1. First step boiling water with green tea and spices. Do it for a while with the help of a saucepan. two minutes about.
  2. now you will have to extinguish the flame Y cover the pot. It is important that you allow the fluid to rest for 15 minutes.
  3. next step straining the drink to separate the liquid from any solid elements. Now keep it at room temperature.
  4. The time Add the oatmeal gradually. After finishing this process, let it rest for another 15 minutes.
  5. Add the mixture you prepared before to the blender or mixer’s glass. After that let the apparatus continue two minutes or until you see a smooth consistency.
  6. You can consume it in two ways: Bold or slightly less intense. If you choose the second option add some more water.
  7. It’s time to serve your green tea and oat smoothie preferably in clear glasses to lose weight. Clever! You will have a useful smoothie to improve your body and lose weight safely and naturally in a short time.

Want to prepare an oatmeal green tea smoothie at home quickly and easily? Of course, it’s pretty easy to do by following the previous suggestions. Take the test and you will see good results.

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