Banijay Kids & Family expands portfolio with Kindle Entertainment and Movimenti Production

Banijay Kids & Family expands portfolio with Kindle Entertainment and Movimenti Production

based in London, Kindle EntertainmentThe award-winning, female-led studio was founded in 2007. In the management of MDs melanie stokes Y Anne Broganis behind world-class young adult and family dramas, including dramas like the company. little valentines (Sky), young mystery, List A (Netflix) and released the family movie trilogy, Ivy and Beans (Netflix). With a strong track record and staff, she is renowned for her rich and varied stories that have garnered critical acclaim in the industry, including the International Children’s Emmy Awards and the BAFTA Children’s Awards. Most recently, the duo has received industry praise from the world’s leading companies as producers of disruption, innovation and creativity. pact.

Founded in 2004 and having offices in Milan, Florence and Rome, Motion Generation He has created and produced famous animated television series, feature films and short films. Topo Gigio (Topo Gigio Srl, rai) Tearing Along the Dotted Line (Netflix). Along with the iconic Studio Bozzettotag has also been created For Entertainment Media Animation Network (Includes 2D studio DogHead Animation and 3D production studio MoBo). It also partnered with the publishing network in 2019. auzou create Easy Peasy Funis an independent animation production company based in Paris. Governing Giorgio ScorzaCEO, Director and Artistic Director, and David Rosio, CEO, Director, and Artistic Director, the company has established itself as a leading mover in young adult animation and a strong preschool and children’s animation. is the partner with high quality standards in both the Italian and international markets.

Benoit Di SabatinoCEO, Banijay Kids & Family, commented: ‘Kindle Entertainment and Movimenti Production will be complementary additions to the family as they both bring their own unique experiences and have a consistent history of premium programming performance. This is a crucial time for Banijay Kids & Family as we continue to grow our footprint and be a key player in this competitive market. I look forward to working with passionate and creative producers like Melanie, Anne, Giorgio, Davide and their incredibly talented teams as we begin the next phase of our journey. From preschoolers to the whole family, we are proud to offer a wide range of premium live and animation programs to broadcasters worldwide.’

Marco BassettiBanijay CEO Banijay added: ‘Since joining Banijay, Benoît has had big ambitions for the children’s wallet. Gradually creating a healthy community of labels, an impressive ingredient list, and its own independent distribution engine, the division grew stronger and stronger. Adding Kindle Entertainment’s award-winning dramatic talents and Movimenti Production’s animation power will further enhance the talent and appeal of the growing group in this space.’

melanie stokesMD, Kindle Entertainment. “We are thrilled to be joining Benoit and his team at Banijay. Kindle Entertainment is passionate about creating Premium YA and 4-Quad Drama for a global audience. It’s such an exciting time to be in this space and will help us achieve our goals of creating bigger and more successful programs. We couldn’t think of a better partner to be with.”

Scorza and Rosio said, “We are delighted to join a family where we share the core values ​​of focusing on creating stories and constantly looking for the best way to do it. From now on, working in synergy with our new partners within Banijay Kids & Family, we will further develop our production of original, innovative and quality content that can conquer the international market. It remains the local key first and we will continue to rely on the outstanding professionals we work with now and hopefully in the future to bring the excellence of Italian animation talent to an increasingly global level.”

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