10 of our favorite cuvés not to be missed

10 of our favorite cuvés not to be missed

Generaletti MansionSavagnin ouille 2018

Star, Jura White
Rating: 92/100
Price: 9.75 €

An unpretentious and pleasant buttercup wine with notes of hazelnut and green apple. Its incredible aromatic richness makes us dizzy by mixing pepper, ginger, hot pepper, orange, citrus zest… In short, we can spend the night there!

Available at Auchan Hypermarkets from 09/27 to 10/11.

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Chateau Dauzac 2020
Grand Cru Classé, Annergals, burgundy

Score: 93/100
Price: 39,95 €

As deep as this vegan wine, this purple robe exudes floral and chocolate scents on the nose. The mild bitterness of cocoa interferes with the juicy substance of a wide mouth filled with mild saltiness from attack to finish.

Available in Carrefour Hypermarkets from 27/09 to 10/10.

Old College Mansion – Talisman Fields 2020
fixing organic, burgundy red

Score: 93/100
Price: 19.65 €

From appearance to finish, we are enchanted by this deliciously round and crisp dark wine with delicate ripe fruit aromas both on the nose (violets) and on the palate. Exalted with aromas of cooked peaches, this beautiful temperament combines suggestive tannins, spirit, strength and depth.

Available in Auchan Hypermarkets from 09/27 to 11/10

Domain Name Jo Pithon 2021
protectors organic, Loire White

Rating: 92/100
Price: 10.95 €

Harmonious, this beautiful blonde, pale gold outfit seduces with her expressive, almost protruding nose: we smell lemons, almonds, stones warmed by the sun. Roundness and vitality play table tennis happily, applauded by the delicious bitterness of the citrus peel.

Available from 04 to 15/10 in E. Leclerc.

Angels VillaRed Mix Reserve Jeff Carrel 2020
red wine from france

Score: 91/100
Price: 5,85 €

Covered with a garnet fabric revealing notes of creamy black berries, infused with an explosive currant and blackberry juice, it makes you smile from the first sip. A cheerful, seductive, velvety, warm wine that gives instant pleasure, invigorated with a dynamic and salivating finish.

Available from 02/09 to 09/10 on Vinatis.com.

Carol Bouquet 2020
Passito di Pantelleria, Sicily – Italy sweet white

Rating: 95/100
Price: 29.50 € (50cl)

We are enchanted by the scents that evoke the packaging of a fresh cigar mixed with orange blossom and jasmine. Surrounded by copper reflections, this sumptuous sweet wine evokes the class and elegance of the actress who made it, with notes of candied quince and an elegantly iodized finish.

Available at Carrefour Market from 06 to 23/10.

Serafini & Vidotto 2017
Amarone della Valpolicella, Veneto – Italy in Red

Score: 94/100
Price: 40.28 €

Produced in Verona, as strong and fiery as the passion of Romeo and Juliet, resulting from a complex elaboration process, this kissing red wine is portrayed on the nose and palate with a terrific intensity that is both sweet, sensual and spicy. typical salivary personality.

Available on Eataly from 09/14 to 10/16.

Val’Frison – Goustan – Blanc de Noirs – Brut Nature
Champagneto organic

Rating: 95/100
Price: 40 €

Wrapped in a shimmering golden snipe, crafted like spider-like lace, it reveals a dazzling delicacy on the palate with bubbling almost invisible to the naked eye and aromas of juicy peach. A wonderful organic and racy champagne.

Available from 20/09 to 08/10 at La Cave du Château and on its website.

Demilly de Baere – Cuvée Pure 2017

Score: 92.5/100
Price: 22.50 €

Citruses, fresh fruit, roasted hazelnuts open-nosed, before catching a small note of a pleasant evolution that makes the wine even more enjoyable. Beautiful liveliness on the palate, pure, spicy and fruity as the name suggests, with a salivary finish.

Available on Magasins U from 09/27 to 08/10.

Domain Name Julie Belland 2020
Marages 1er Cru La Fussiere, burgundy

Score: 93/100
Price: 22 €

A character that shows its youth with the color of black currant with purple reflections, with the slight astringency of its quickly forgotten tannins in favor of a plentiful, concise, drooling mouth, enriched with a small note of caramel with a lively finish. long.

Available on Magasins U from 09/27 to 08/10.

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